What To Expect

1. Pick-Up

You'll need these things in order to start your behind the wheel driving lesson.

5. Drop-off

An experienced driving instructor will pick you up from work or school

Finally, after two hours learning, your driving instructor will drop you off at home.

3. Break Time

Next you will learning through doing. This will be an hour of anything from getting to know the vehicle to tackling the infamous parallel parking.

Here are a couple of things to help you attain your goal!

4. Behind the Wheel 

Don't Forget!

2. Hands on Learning

  • Blue card (you'll receive this card from school after passing the written test)
  • Birth certificate or non-expired US passport
  • Social security number
  • Prescription glasses

Every drivers education program teaches drivers in a different way, but here is what to expect when learning with Grace Driving School

It's always important to rest and is proven to increase learning capabilities. After an hour behind the wheel, you will take a 15 minute break.

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After taking a well deserved break, you will continue learning behind the wheel for one hour.

1. Pick-Up